Catholic Bioethics

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Without an appreciation of the history and scientific validity of Natural Family Planning the bioethical teachings of the Catholic Church in regard to contraception and assisted reproduction can seem unjust, inhuman, and incomprehensible.  The teaching of the Church in these areas is not, as it is generally portrayed in the secular media, one of mistrust and ignorance of science.  Instead, the Church invites Christians to embrace a vision of cooperation with the natural world created by God, rather than attempting to coerce and dominate the gifts of human sexuality and fertility.

8.1. The History of NFP

8.3. Biology of Fertility and Methods of Natural Family Planning (see recent tech USCCB-NFP publ for new? method)

8.2. Contraception and its effects
USCCB Life Matters - Contraception
The Progesterone Controversy
FDA pdf on Contraception methods

8.4. Benefits and Difficulties of Natural Family Planning
Deficient Support at Many Levels - Pastoral / Medical
Reminder of Principle of Gradualness - Confessor's

9.1. Causes of and Treatment for Infertility: (See CDF 2008 document)
9.1 Naprotechnology
9.2 Debated Treatments: GIFT


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Lots of stuff at:


PRINCIPLES of "Gradualness" and "Lesser Evil"

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