Internet Resources on Christian Asceticism:

Christian Classics Ethereal Library:
Extremely helpful source of primary texts in church history, Christian spirituality, Christian music, and more

Lectio Divina: Christian Spiritual Authors:
Index page of sources for spiritual reading; many good primary texts in early Christian theology and spirituality.

The Ecole Initiative
“A Hypertext Encyclopedia of Early Church History” (and primary texts)

New Advent
Patristic Texts, The 1908 Catholic Encyclopedia, Hagiography

The Holy See
Official Website of the Holy See: papal and curial documents in different languages.

Ignatian Spirituality
The Spiritual Exercises, St. Ignatius, Ignatian spirituality, and more.

Christus Rex
Christian Art, The Holy Land, Papal Documents

Jordan Aumann, O.P.  Articles and complete books, including Spiritual Theology and Christian Spirituality in the Catholic Tradition

Adolphe Tanquerey, S.S., Articles § 1-899 of a classical text, used for several decades as the basic textbook of ascetical/mystical theology in Roman Catholic seminaries: The Spiritual Life, A Treatise On Ascetical And Mystical Theology




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