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THE term palliative care describes the treatment of symptoms, usually pain and psychological distress associated with illness, rather than an attempt to cure the underlying illness.  Here we will primarily focus on palliative care at the end of life  - or hospice as it is sometimes called.  However, it is important to note that palliative medicine will play an increasingly-important role in the practice of medicine in all stages of life as advances are made in methods of controlling pain and alleviating symptoms of chronic and incurable diseases.  We will note, in particular, that the Catholic Church encourages and commends palliative care as an important and unselfish kind of love, a special form of disinterested charity (Catechism §2279: formam constituunt excellentem caritatis gratuitae).

15.1. Bl. Pope John Paul II on Palliative Care

15.2. Palliative Care in Documents of the Magisterium
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15.3. Palliative Care, Palliative Sedation and Opioids (Walsh, ch. 21), “Four Assumptions

15.4. Perinatal Hospice


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