The Good Shepherd, Catacomb wall-painting

1. ANCIENT MEDICINE: 1.1. Hippocratic Texts; 1.2. Ancient Medical Practice; 1.3. Aristotle's Embryology; 1.4. Roman Infanticide and Abortion; 1.5. Jewish Respect for Life

2. EARLY CHRISTIANITY:  2.1. Christ the Divine Physician; 2.2. Christian Devotion to Life; 2.3. Canon. Penalties and Theologians on Abortion and Contraception; 2.4. Augustine on Suicide, Contraception, and Ensoulment.

3. MEDIEVAL MEDICAL CARE: 3.1. Compassion for the Sick; 3.2. Medieval Medical Practice; 3.3. Aquinas on Life and Animation; 3.4. Debates on Abortion

4. RENAISSANCE BIOETHICS: 4.1. Anatomy and Surgery; 4.2. Moralists on Pain and Abortion; 4.3. Magisterium on Abortion

5. THE 17th and 18th CENTURIES: 5.1. Microscopy; 5.2. Pharmacology; 5.3. Medical Dogmatism and Lay Scepticism; 5.4. Alphonsus Ligouri

6. THE 19th CENTURY: 6.1. Anesthesia; 6.2. Antisepsis and Infectious Disease; 6.3. Nursing; 6.4. Public Health and Hygiene; 6.5. Medical Prestige and Paternalism; 6.6. Pius IX and Abortion

7. THE 20th CENTURY: 7.1. Eugenics and Pius XI (introd.); 7.2 Antimicrobials; IV Therapy; Nürnberg, Informed Consent, and Pius XII (introd.); Respirators and CPR


8.1. Pope Pius XII: Address to Anesthesiologists (1957).

8.2 Pope John Paul II: Salvifici Doloris, (On The Christian Meaning Of Human Suffering, 1984); Evangelium Vitae, (The Gospel of Life, 1995); On Life-Sustaining Treatment and the Vegetative State, (March, 2004); On Palliative Care, (Nov., 2004).

8.3. Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith: Declaration On Procured Abortion, (1974); Jura et Bona, (Declaration on Euthanasia, 1980);Donum Vitae (On Respect for Human Life in its Origin, 1987); Dignitas Personae (On Certain Bioethical Questions, 2008).

8.4. National Conference of Catholic Bishops: Ethical and Religious Directives, revised ed., 2010.

8.5. The Catechism of the Catholic Church

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