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 St. Evagrius Ponticus, The Armenian Lives of the Desert Fathers
MS Jerusalem 285, p. 778.  image modif.

ONE of the most influential and controversial monastic theologians of the fourth century, Evagrius of Pontus, has been alternately hailed as a saint and condemned as a heretic throughout the centuries since his death.  The influence of his writings is incalculable: in the West his teachings were principally transmitted by his disciple John Cassian; while in the East his texts have always been widely read, albeit often under the pseudonyms of less-suspicious authors.

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FINALLY, serious students of Evagrius should take note of both: (1) the careful translations and commentary available in Robert Sinkewicz' Evagrius of Pontus, the Greek Ascetic Corpus, (Oxford, 2003); and (2) the excellent and regularly-updated bibliography of Evagrian scholarship and resources available at the Evagrius Ponticus Website compiled and maintained by Joel  Kalvesmaki:

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