The Annunciation to the Shepherds, The Murthy Hours, Scotland

See Duffy, Stripping of Altars, ch. 6-7: "Primers"



THE most popular book in the Christian West from the introduction of paper technology (12th century) until the Reformation. 

ALWAYS contained a liturgical calendar and the Little Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary (= the common of feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary).  Often also:  Prayers for the Dead, The Office of The Dead; The Office of the Trinity; The Office of the Holy Spirit; Prayers for Mass.







cf. Isaiah 66:10-11: 10 laetamini cum Hierusalem et exultate in ea omnes qui diligitis eam gaudete cum[...] {laetitia qui i/ tristitia fuistis ut exultetis et facie}mini ab ubere consolationis eius.

Rejoice with Jerusalem and be glad with her, all you who love her: rejoice with [gladness you who were saddened, that you may be made to exult] from her consoling breasts.

Psalm 44, the "Royal Bridegroom" Psalm:

My heart overflows with noble words; to the king I must sing the song I have made ... 



Calendar, May, fol. 5v

The Annunciation, fol. 26r



The Coronation in Heaven, fol. 60v Fall of the Rebel Angels, fol. 64v



The Raising of Lazarus, fol. 171r. Fall and Expulsion, fol. 25v



Purgatory, fol. 113v Hell, fol.198r


Christ Heals, Belles Heures Descensus ad Inferos, Petite Heures



Epiphany; Graduale. Gherarducci,1394 Christmas; Graduale. Gherarducci,1395



Trinity; Graduale. Gherarducci,1395 In The Beginning ... ; Graduale. Gherarducci,1395




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