Abbot of Montserrat


 Benedictine Abbot,  Moretto, 1520

REFORMING Benedictine Abbot of Montserrat who composed a Book of Spiritual Exercise that were read and practiced by Ignatius of Loyola during his stay at the abbey of Montserrat: Abbot Cisneros work is thus an important source of Ignatius’ more famous Exercises.

THE Book of Spiritual Exercises is intended to guide the practitioner in the three “ways”  of purgation, illumination, and union by means of spiritual exercises linked with Compline or Vigils, two of the hours of prayer in the monastic Liturgy of the Hours.  These exercises are divided into three “weeks”, and are based on three traditional “stages” of the monastic practice of lectio divina: lectio (reading); meditatio (meditation); and oratio (prayer)

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