Ch.19-20 on Psalmody
and Prayer 

The Breviary of Philip the Good
Bruges, KBR 9511, fol 317r 








WE believe that the Divine Presence is everywhere, and the eyes of the Lord in every place look upon the good and the evil.  (Prov 15:3).  2 We especially believe this without any doubt when we are assisting at the Work of God.

1 Ubique credimus divinam esse praesentiam et oculos Domini in omni loco speculari bonos et malos, 2 maxime tamen hoc sine aliqua dubitatione credamus cum ad opus divinum assistimus.

     3 Therefore let us always remember what the prophet says:  Serve the Lord in fear (Ps 2:11), and again, 4 Chant psalms wisely (Ps 46:8); 5 and, In the presence of the angels I will chant psalms to you (Ps 137:1).

3 Ideo semper memores simus quod ait propheta: Servite Domino in timore, 4 et iterum: Psallite sapienter, 5 et: In conspectu angelorum psallam tibi. .

6 Therefore let us consider how we ought to behave in the presence of the Holy One and His angels, 7 and thus stand to chant psalms in such a way that our mind and voice are in concord with each other.

6 Ergo consideremus qualiter oporteat in conspectu divinitatis et angelorum eius esse, 7 et sic stemus ad psallendum ut mens nostra concordet voci nostrae







IF when we wish to request something of powerful men we do not presume to do so except with humility and reverence, 2 how much more ought we to offer supplications to the universal Lord and God in all humility and purity of devotion?  3 And we know it is not on account of our wordiness that we are heard, but rather through purity of heart and tears of compunction. 

1 Si, cum hominibus potentibus volumus aliqua suggerere, non praesumimus nisi cum humilitate et reverentia, 2 quanto magis Domino Deo universorum cum omni humilitate et puritatis devotione supplicandum est. 3 Et non in multiloquio, sed in puritate cordis  et compunctione lacrimarum nos exaudiri sciamus. 

4 And therefore prayer ought to be brief and pure, unless it happens to be prolonged by a sentiment inspired by divine grace.  5 In community, however, prayer should always be brief; and at the signal given by the superior all should rise together.

4 Et ideo brevis debet esse et pura oratio, nisi forte ex affectu inspirationis divinae gratiae protendatur. 5 In conventu tamen omnino brevietur oratio, et facto signo a priore omnes pariter surgant.


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