(c.360 - c.430)

 Cassian, Corvina, Paris, 1498


Contemplation of Providence, Justice, Saints, Nature, Mercy Conf. 1.16)

Power to Admit or Reject (not entirely avoid) Thoughts Conf.1.17

Psalmody and Scrip.Med. for compunction and celestial meditation Conf 1.17)

Three Origins of Thoughts - God, Devil, Self Conf 1.19.  (Antony letter on three movements; three renunciations)


Three Renunciations - Conf 3 (Antony on Three renunciations)

Three causes of abandonment (dryness) Conf 4 (Evagrius on Abandonment)

Tripartate Soul (medical examples) - Threefold Movement Conf 24.17


Causes of Abandonment??

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