Second Prior of Xishan

Born November 17, 1900;
Prof. July 11, 1923; Ord. ____;
Superior: Sept., 1933;  Prior: Jan.1935;
Died April 9, 1936.



    “In Memoriam”, Bul.des Mis, Aug.,1936

BORN November 17, 1900, in Cadillac in the Gironde district of France, Fr. Roux studied at the University of Bordeaux and initially considered a vocation to the diocesan clergy.  Upon refection and a process of discernment he entered the Benedictine Abbey of Solesmes in 1919, just as the monks of Solesmes were returning from their twenty-year exile at Quarr on the Isle of Wight.

SOLESMES Jehan Joliet, OSB

HE professed monastic vows at Solesmes in 1923, just as his older confrere Jehan Joliet's dreams for a mission to China were beginning to seem possible.  Roux shared Joliet;s enthusiasm, and received permission to transfer his vow of stability to St. Andre, which was increasingly committed to assuming responsibility for the China project.  Dom Jehan Joliet was 57 when he was sent to China.  Dom Gabriel Roux was 30 three years later, when he was allowed to follow Joliet to Xishan.

St, Andre / Sint-Andriesabdij Zevenkerken Xishan, The Priory of Saint Andrew and Saint Peter